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Parish Education Committee
The PEC Mandate is as follows:
  • PEC members are elected to a two year term by the Parish.
    The Pastor appoints one member per year.
  • PEC is an extension of the Board of Directors of the CISVA*.
  • PEC is ultimately responsible to the wishes and policies of the CISVA.

PEC Members for 2009 - 2010:

      Chair: Tereen Nootebos
      Vice-Chair: Doug Merrier
      Treasurer: Sandy Parker
      Secretary: Derek Christo
      Parent Advisory Group (PAG): Linda Creighton
      Maintenance: Brian Foster
      Family Service: Monique Hardy

*Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese

Send an email to the PEC: pec@ccsunited.ca

Click here to view the approved PEC minutes.