Rachel Lewis
  Kristin Sturgeon
  Chris O'Connor
Teaching Assistants:  
  Stacey Easterbrook
  Janine Tamis
Before-School Care Stacey Easterbrook
After-School Care Chris-Marie Joseph
  Ling Savoie
Support Staff:  
Librarian Janet Mahussier
Custodians Atul and Vidya Indra and
Parish Staff:  
Secretary Brenda Curran
PREP Coordinator Rosana Ruiz
Youth Ministry Leader Cate Bailon
Parish Centre Booking Mary-Lyn Hyde
Pastor Father Mark Bautista
Principal Jason Borkowski
Administration & Annette Sturgeon
Secretary Mary-Anne Antonio
Teaching Staff:  
Preschool  Crystal MacKay
  Yvonne Confortin
  Angela Williams
Kindergarten Arlene Casenas
Grade 1 Rebecca Da Cruz
Grade 1/2 Lisa Vanderkist
Grade 2 Diane Kranabetter
Grade 3 Jeanne Tyrrell
Grade 4 Carina Losito
Grade 5 Matthew Klaponski
Grade 6 David Pistrin
Grade 7 Stephanie Kroeker
Athletic Director Fabiola Pistrin
P.E. Nigel Pena
Learning Assistance Tony Walters
  Anne Macht
  Lorraine Hillan
  Thomas Sutton
Information Technology Thomas Sutton


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All teachers are certified by the B.C. College of Teachers or by the Independent Schools Branch of the Ministry of Education. Our staff members are required to have a Criminal Authorization check done before beginning employment. Every three years, staff members are instructed in the Red Cross first-aid training.