Dear Friends in Christ,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our faith community at Cloverdale Catholic School. Your family's presence in our school is a real blessing!

Quoting from the policy statement written by the Catholic Bishops of British Columbia on Catholic Education, "the two key factors that make our school different than other schools are as follows:

Being filled with the Spirit of Christ, the entire scholastic curriculum is permeated with the Spirit of Christ Jesus. In practise this means 'to teach doctrine... within the experience of the Christian community and to prepare individuals for effective Christian witness and service to others'; in short to foster the student's growth in personal holiness.

Secondly, being motivated by a Christ-centred vision of humanity and human history, the school promotes the formation of the whole person. Such formation embraces not only the intellectual, but also physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual dimensions of human growth. Human knowledge and skills are recognized as precious in themselves but find their deepest meaning in God's plan for creation.

In registering your children at Cloverdale Catholic School, you join us in trying to fulfil this saving vision. The Staff joins me in asking our generous God to bless you and your family with the richest of His most abundant blessings.

The Parent Handbook is the culmination of many hours of thought, discussion and prayer, all designed to help you know more about the wonderful educational and faith community of which you are now a valued member.

Yours in Christ,
Trudy Desjardine

School Board Office
150 Robson Street Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2A7
Tel: 604 683 9331    Fax: 604 687 6692    email: info@cisva.bc.ca
Superintendent Mr. Doug Lauson
FISA 604 683 0281

Cloverdale Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Vancouver is first and foremost a Parish school that exists to meet the needs of the members of Precious Blood Parish. The school is the immediate responsibility of the parish and the pastor is the final authority.

Independent Schools receive partial funding from the provincial government (fifty percent of what it costs to educate a child in a Surrey public school). The other fifty percent comes from tuition, Special Education Grants (as applicable), fund-raising and parish subsidy.

The Archbishop is the head (and heart) of all Catholic schools. To keep him informed and help with decision-making, there is the CISVA Board of Directors which includes representatives from all the major stakeholders in the CISVA. The Superintendent and Central Office Staff make most of the decisions regarding the educational practices of the schools (with the approval of the Board of Directors). As a school in the CISVA, the Parish Education Committee answers first to our pastor, next to our superintendent and then, if necessary, to the Board of Directors. To better understand the foundation of the entire educational enterprise within the Archdiocese, readers should direct their attention to the Catholic School document published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. A copy of this document was included with your Acceptance Package.

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