(adapted from the C.I.S.V.A Policy Manual)


Anti-bullying Policy
 Specific Measures of School Discipline

Sometimes, the behaviour is so serious that we are not able to go through the above steps (see Discipline) and a child must be sent home, not only for his/her own good, but for the whole community. Serious misbehaviour such as fighting, physical or verbal abuse, bullying in any form, defiance and disrespect of staff, offensive language, leaving the school grounds without permission, stealing or cheating, bringing dangerous objects, malicious vandalism, and illegal activities may result in automatic suspension without the process described above.

An expulsion is usually preceded by a suspension, during which the student is denied the privilege of attending school and all school-related activities. Suspension from school is considered to be a serious penalty for behaviour that, if continued, would ultimately result in an expulsion.

The principal is required to investigate fully every serious infraction to the best of her ability and is required to maintain documentation that accurately records the incident and the investigation. This documentation would be used to support the school's decision to suspend and/or expel.

A suspension is decided upon by the principal, in consultation with the teacher most directly associated with the student or the incident being investigated. The length of the suspension must fit the severity of the infraction. No student shall be suspended for a period exceeding one school day without prior consultation between the principal and the Pastor/Archbishop's representative and/or the chairperson of the Education Committee. A written notification of said suspension must be given to the parents or guardians. The letter must contain the school's expectations of the student if re­admission to the school is granted.

If the principal has determined that the incident is serious enough to warrant expulsion, the principal must immediately consult the Pastor/Archbishop's Representative and the Education Committee Chairperson. During this consultation period, the student will be suspended. After the consultation, the principal will make his/her decision about the expulsion and inform the student's parents or guardians, either in person or by telephone.

Appropriate arrangements must be made for the student to leave the school. A written notification must be given to the parents or guardians within twenty-four hours of the expulsion.

Parents may appeal a suspension or expulsion decision. (See "Policy for dealing with Major Complaints" under Home-School Communication).

Anti-bullying Policy

Jesus has given us a very important command and that is to "Love One Another". We're not asking the students to be best friends with everyone in their class.

We are asking that they treat each other with respect, acknowledging that we are all God's children and therefore brothers and sisters in God's family.

Unfortunately, as a society, we have lost the essence of respect because we have ceased to value all life. The media bombards us with valueless sitcoms and gratuitous violence; even in so-called family shows, the dialogues that get the most laughs are the ones with the most cheap shots and put-downs. No wonder we don't know how to treat each other.

We have to deal with the problem of teasing and bullying in two ways:

1)     Teach the children and model for them the Catholic values that we profess. We need to teach them how to resolve conflicts and other social problems peacefully.

2)      Although we look at each incident on a 'case-by-case' basis we need to let our students know that serious and habitual teasing or bullying will not be tolerated. Our policy is: the first offence in anyone year will result in a warning; the second offence will result in a one-day suspension (in-school or at home); the third offence will be a three-day suspension. The student will not be allowed back to school until the principal has met with the parents and the student to write a Behaviour Contract. If there should be another incident, the student will be suspended indefinitely, until the PEC has had a chance to meet with the parents to discuss the issue. Obviously, for the school to have to take this action there must be corroborated evidence, i.e. credible witnesses.


The same policy applies to students caught fighting.

The other important consideration is the 'redemption' of the student who is a bully. Jesus left the ninety-nine to rescue the one lost sheep and we are called to do the same.

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Specific Measures of School Discipline
1) Incomplete or unsatisfactory school work

a)     do work over if unsatisfactory

b)     come in before 8:50 a.m., or remain in at lunch

c)     be sent to another classroom or supervised work area (library, office)

d)    go home (following a phone call home) for forgotten books, notes, work, etc.

2) Behaviour

a)     spend morning and afternoon play time in "community" service, such as garbage duty, weeding, raking the leaves, raking the bark mulch under the play equipment, sweeping the blacktop, etc.

b)     pay for replacing broken window or any other damaged property

c)     leave bicycle at home if using it improperly

d)     miss out on films, field trips, and other special events

e)      read a Saint's biography and try to adapt saint's life to his/her own

f)      work out a plan for changing behaviour with parent and teacher help

g)     copy information about being accountable and responsible - 'super-lines'

h)     write an essay or poem on topic decided by teacher

i)       serve an in-school suspension or be sent home

j)   spend time in the "Think Tank"

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