General Aims and Philosophy of Education at Cloverdale Catholic School
 Homework Policy
How to Help Make Homework Time More Effective

We, at Cloverdale Catholic School, are a Catholic community, who share the Catholic faith and promote the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical growth of children, so that they, in turn, may spread the knowledge and love of God and neighbour to the larger Christian community and to all mankind.

General Aims and Philosophy of Education at Cloverdale Catholic School

The principle aims and the philosophy by which we try to make important decisions at Cloverdale Catholic School are:

1)      That the students grow daily more conscious of the gift of faith that they have received.

2)      That the students be led, through example, learning and participation, to understand and appreciate the role of the Mass, the other sacraments, the worshipping life of the church and personal prayer.

3)      Catholic Education is meant to develop the whole child - their spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical powers, so that they will be able to assume personal and community responsibilities, pursue genuine freedom, and be willing to become active on behalf of the common good.

4)      We want to immerse our children in beauty, (as seen in God's creation and in His plan for each of us), in truth, (as taught by the Magisterium of the Church), and in order, (as ordained by God and the Church), so that when our children are faced with the ugliness, lies, and chaos of society, they will be able to choose beauty, truth and order.

Our school is not the only agency, however, that is responsible for the education of our children. Even more important is the home. When our school exercises its role and influence in the students' education, it is to complement the family's educational effort - not to replace it - for the parents are the first educators. Our students have a right to expect that their home and school support one another in the spiritual, academic, and traditional resources that are their birthright. The importance of our Church and the presence of our priests in the educational growth of our students can never be under-emphasized. It is the responsibility of our priests to establish our school as a community centred in the Eucharist and to exhibit their pastoral leadership in all ways.

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Homework Policy

We are aware that many families have very busy, often stressful lives. Teachers realize that homework is sometimes viewed by parents in a negative light. Cloverdale Catholic School has a policy that includes a justification for homework, including:

to complete work not done during the day

to review and prepare for quizzes and tests

to provide enrichment and/or reinforcement of concepts taught

to help the children establish good study habits

to complete a long term project

to prepare for high school

The times listed below are guidelines established for each grade level to help teachers in assigning work and parents in supervising homework. If children work diligently, they should be able to complete work within this time frame, unless otherwise advised by classroom teacher. Please use the planner to advise the teacher if your child is spending more than the following recommended times, on a consistent basis. If this form of communication doesn't help, please ask to meet with the teacher.

         K         Read aloud to your child - 15 minutes
         Gr 1     15 to 30 minutes daily (read aloud or have your child read to you)
         Gr 2     15 to 30 minutes daily
         Gr 3     30 to 45 minutes daily
         Gr 4     45 to 60 minutes daily
         Gr 5     60 to 75 minutes daily
         Gr 6     60 to 90 minutes daily
         Gr 7     60 to 90 minutes daily

Students from Grades 1 to Grade 7 will use a Homework Planner. Please check it regularly and use it to communicate with your child's teacher if there is a comment or concern about homework assignments. Specifically, if your child has had trouble or was not able to complete assigned work, please indicate. If a student does not complete homework, he/she will be required to do so at the teacher's direction.

If you choose to go on vacation during regularly scheduled school days, a practise we definitely don't encourage as it is very disruptive, please note the following:

Even if absent, the work must be done as specified by classroom teacher

It is the parents' responsibility to check in with teacher upon return from holiday and to make sure students complete work that is missed.

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How to Help Make Homework Time More Effective

The environment in which the homework is completed is incredibly important. Parent please provide an environment that is free of obvious distractions:

1)      No media - T.V., computer, iPod, radio, telephones, etc.

2)      Proper study area set-up - table, supplies, Dictionary, etc.

3)   An adult available, if child requires, not to do homework but to supervise

Prioritize (follow proper order - God, family, work, recreation)

Limit extracurricular involvement - sports, play dates, dance, music, etc. to levels that don't put undue stress on the child.

Schedule homework/study time - don't leave it till the last thing

Families should foster a positive attitude towards work. Recognize that schoolwork is important and that strong work habits are real tools for reliable and effective adulthood. Foster good work habits when child is young.

If family commitment time prevents the completion of work, the note to the teacher should include a plan stating how missing work will be done; don't just give an excuse.

Don't accept time that is wasted by whining and complaining (have a consequence and follow through)

Educate/seek help from parent resource books - excellent ones by Terry Small are available in school library

Employ a tutor if needed

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