Attendance at Sunday Mass is a solemn obligation of faith and is a must for those seeking admission to Holy Cross.

- If your family is not attending Mass regularly, we will not sign for admission of a new student, or re-admission of a present student, for next year.

- If you are attending another parish, then you must take your forms to the pastor of that parish.

- If you have a student who refuses to attend Mass, even though the parents attend, then that particular student has become ineligible for re-admission.

Support of the parish is also a solemn obligation of faith. This shows itself in two ways:

1)     FINANCIAL: whatever is reasonable, according to your circumstances, through envelope system. Parents should make an attempt each month, to contribute in the Sunday collection envelope, the amount paid by the parish for student subsidy to Holy Cross.

2)      MORAL: taking part in the various activities of the parish.

  1. All prospective Grade 8 students will be given the application form only at the entrance exam.

  2. The application form will be returned to the parish. Once the pastor has decided on which students will be accepted for Grade 8, they will be given the registration form which must be returned to the parish along with the appropriate number of cheques and other informational forms. Please note that since we only have one local Catholic High School and enrolment is limited, preference is given to families who have demonstrated by their active participation in the life of the Church that their faith is very important.

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