1)         Review with the class how you will "count" out the sixty seconds from the time you take cover until the time you evacuate, whether through praying the Hail Mary about five times, etc. or actually counting to 60. Please make sure it is at least one minute.

2)        Please give Annette the names of students and alternates who will be responsible for taking the earthquake bins outside in the event of a real disaster or as requested by office (form attached).

3)        A school organized earthquake drill signal will be indicated by three bells.

a)         Take cover under desks, if possible.

b)         Assume crash position on knees, with head down and hang on to the legs of the desk with arms held high to protect the sides of the head.

c)         Face away from windows.

d)         Count aloud to sixty or say prayers for approximately sixty seconds.

e)         Have students return to their seats.

4)        Remind students of which colour team they are on; the colour of their name tag is their family team colour. With family groups assigned according to last name (A to F ­yellow; G to L - orange; M to R - green; and S to Z - blue). Placing a chart in your room would be reminder enough for most classes, but you could place coloured stickers on their desks to help them remember in what group they are to assemble.

5)         Assign four areas of the classroom for the "colour family" teams and ask students to go to these areas. Repeat this "family" drill a couple of times until students are familiar with their group members.

Thanks to Stacey, we won't have to do the following:

6)        Ask students to empty everything from their bags and place on desks. Point out what the solar blanket, light stick and bags of water look like.

7)        Teachers will be given a list of what should be included in everyone's Comfort Kit. As you call out each item, have the students place it back in the large zip-Ioc bag.

8)        Students should be instructed to write down in their Homework Planners, any items that are missing or need replenishing. Check the dates on small zip-Ioc bags to see if how 'fresh' the food items are.

9)         End of drill.

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