It is our understanding and that of the parents who enroll their children in our school that the students are here to grow in their faith and to work hard to reach their full potential, spiritually, academically, physically and socially. Therefore disrespectful, dangerous, disruptive or uncooperative behaviour, on the part of students (as well as parents and/or staff) will not be tolerated. It is required that parents support the school discipline policy as outlined in this handbook. Adherence to these policies will always remain a condition of acceptance to the school.

In most cases, isolated and irregularly occurring incidents can be resolved simply and quickly by the student with the intervention of the teacher involved. If the problem reoccurs or seems to be of an on-going nature, at the teacher's discretion, the following steps, supported by documentation (Detention Notices), will apply.

1)      The teacher will have a discussion with the student(s) involved at the time. Appropriate consequences, determined by the teacher, will be assigned. The student will complete a Detention Notice that is sent home for parent/guardian's signature. The notice must be returned the first school day after being issued. Three such Detention Notices will be issued and if there is still no resolution, at the teacher's discretion ...

2)      The teacher will advise the principal and contact by phone or in person, the student's parents/guardians and work with them to help the student change his/her behaviour.

3)      Should the problems continue, the teacher will arrange a meeting with the parents and student to discuss the problem and to resolve the situation. The teacher will inform the principal, in writing, of this situation.

4)      If there is still no improvement after Step #3, the student and his/her parents will have a meeting with the principal and the student's teacher(s). At this meeting, a formal contract of expected behaviour and the consequences will be written out and signed by all parties involved. At this time, it will be made clear that continued unacceptable behaviour could result in a suspension (either in-school or out-of-school), although the student may have already been suspended depending on the severity of the problem. An in-school suspension is served in the library or office with adult supervision. The student will complete an assignment determined by the principal, as well as work on regular class work. Students do not play with their peers at recess during an in-school suspension. The decision about the type and duration of the suspension is made by the principal.

5)      Leeway is granted to each teacher to make the decision about when to move from the next step according to individual situations.

6)      Accumulated Detention Notices are destroyed at the end of the year, unless there is concern about the need for documentation.

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